Helpful Plumbing Videos: Common Toilet Repairs

  1. If the toilet is leaking, determine where the leak is coming from. A common culprit is the supply line. Use your finger to feel if there is any water coming from the supply line, especially where it connects to the wall and to the toilet. If a leak is found, replace the existing supply line with a new flexible line.
  2. If the water is constantly running, check the fill valve to make sure it is set to the right height. If it is too high, the water level may not reach the float and will never shut off.
  3. If the water runs periodically and you hear a slight trickle between runs, you most likely need a new flapper. Make sure you replace the existing flapper with a new one of the correct size and shape.

Bob Cole's Tips

  • Before doing any work on the toilet, turn off the water at the supply line. Flush the toilet to drain any water inside the tank.
  • If you need to replace the fill valve, I recommend using a universal replacement fill valve from Fluidmaster. They work much better than the older style ballcock fill valves.
  • I recommend Corky brand flappers because they are made of a material that holds up well to chemicals and the chlorine in our water.
Please note that Cole Plumbing provides this information as a courtesy to the public and cannot be held responsible for any problems or issues that may be caused by do-it-yourself repairs. If you are uncomfortable working on your plumbing yourself, we strongly suggest that you contact a professional plumber and have them do it for you.

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